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  • 16 February 2023
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Why does Maintenix use use terms that are not industry standard?  Two examples come immediately to mind:  The term “record oil uptake”  should be “record oil service” and  using the term “inventory” when ATA codes are the industry standard.

Granted both are minor issues but it illustrates a point.  That point is there seeming no consulting the people that actually use Maintenix.  The people that use Maintenix in high stress environments such as turning aircraft under time constraints. 

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Hi 737spanner,

Thank you for visiting and contributing.

We agree, during design phase we regularly seek feedback from our implementation partners, but this process is not perfect. Oil uptake, which was once billed as the ‘Single-Screen Oil Consumption Logging’ feature, is one such feature that was implemented with a launch partner. The terminology used in the final product is a result of that collaboration.

Other terms used in Maintenix are attempting to be generic and universal. The term ‘inventory’ can be applied to ATA chapters as well as it can be applied to rotables, serialized components, or consumables.

Maintenix is a product that is also used in settings outside of commercial aviation, and in multiple languages. For this reason, Maintenix is shipped with an internalization (i18n) module that allows an organization to modify almost every piece of text in the product. Most of the terms appearing in the UI are not hardcoded, but rather stored in a series of property files. With the i18n module, your organization can edit any of the terms used in the product in order to more closely match your operations.