Time Reported from Prepare Work Order/Work Task/Time Reports is not reflected in Employee Results screen.

  • 28 September 2022
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Hi Team,


Step 1: Logged in with End User ID.
Step 2: Created a Work Order and reported time against the Task in the Time Reports tab.
Step 3:  Logged in with the IFSAPP user.
Step 4: Navigated to the Employee Results screen and queried for the time reported record. The Time Reported in Step 2 is not visible.
Step 5: Navigated to "Time Registration" screen and searched for the time reported week. The Time Reported in the Step 2 is visible here.

Question: Why the reported is not visible in Employee Results screen?

Step 6: Go to Time Registration and did an update for any of the day in the specific week where the user has reported time.
Step 7: Go to Employee Results screen and refreshed. Now the time added in Step 2 is visible together with the time reported in the Step 6.


Solution Required: Time added from Work Order via Employee should be visible in Employee Results immediately for IFSAPP & Supervisors.


Thanks in advance and Appreciate for your feedbacks.

2 replies

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I can’t answer you from a HR point, but from the work order point of view. If we get back in history, we were integrating the work orders time report with the time management/time report client via two-way communication. That means it’s possible to report and update from either form. Then, after the entire week has been reported and any deviations have been reported, you should confirm the time in the Time Report form before it got transfer internally in HR. And I have also verified in core that you get the time transfer in combination with confirm.

I can also mention that there exists an integration between Travel Expense and the work order postings, and these expenses will not be transfer to the WO from the Travel Expense form until the travel expense is Approved.

Based on above, you get the hours to the timecard day, result tab and timecard week when the reported time is confirmed in the time report form.

When we got to the Required Solution: You can create a request to IFS if you not get a satisfied explanation via this question.



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I got the same problem. Unfortunately it doesn't seem that Confirming or Authorising Time Reports or/and Time Registration screen makes records appear on Employee Results screen