Questions concerning Quick Expense Reporter in 22R1

  • 5 October 2022
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Hi Community!


After participating in the E-Learning for HCM in 22R1 in the Academy I have some questions concerning the AI enabled Quick Expense Reporter:


  1. What about foreign currencies? Are they recognized and are they automatically transferred to the currency which which the expenses are paid out? For example I have scanned a receipt with Dollar, but payout will be done in EUR.
  2. Does Quick Expense Reporter also recognize dates? Example: Abroad Expense in two different countries (01.03.20xx - 02.03.20xx hotel in country 1 and 03.03.20xx - 06.03.20xx hotel in Country 2)
  3. What does it look like if there are items with different VAT rates on an invoice? Example: In Germany there are different VAT rates for Hotel accomodation and Hotel Meals. Usually they are on the same receipt. Is Quick Expense Reporter able to write to lines for this receipt in the expense sheet?

I look forward to your answers!


Kind regards

3 replies

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Hi Frank,


Happy to see your interest. Please refer to my answers below.

  1. Yes, It can identify foreign currencies and it will be converted to payment currency if both currencies are properly setup with rates. (Machine learning model in 22R1  trained for 11 currencies and in 22R2 it was improved to 35 currencies) 
  2. It can identify the date  in the receipt and current version will propose a single date if there are multiple lines with multiple dates. This will be improved in future versions. 
  3. When a receipt interpreted as a single expense line (total amount), it will fetch one of the tax amounts from the receipts if there are multiple taxes. But if the receipt to be interpreted as multiple expense lines, then tax amounts will be calculated by HCM as per the tax lines connected to the expense code.

    If you have any receipts that you wish to share with us on training the Machine learning model (specially related to #2#3 which we have as as backlog items), please share with me( so we can see how we can improve this functionality.

    Thank you,


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Hi Alex,


As you said it’s pretty straightforward with Quick expense reporter configuration page. You can refer the news PPT we did or 22R1 for additional details. How do you handle the PSO integration today? My view is you may need technical support to get the PSO integration up & running. (It’s an pre-requisite)

You can refer to the PSO integration techdocs also.

In order to use machine learning a PSO integration is required along with separate SKU. You can find more details here.


Best regards,


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@Sahan Wijerama 

Hi Sahan,


does a guide-line regarding setup already exist?

After seeing the video in the ifs-academy it seems to pretty straight-forward and worth a try.

Regarding HR-Data for Travel-Expenses I’m fine, but for the Machine-Learning and the connection of both I’m not really sure how to set it up properly. Should it be done by a technical consultant or do I as a functional consultant get some kind of guidance here?


Regarding modules / licenses: Is there anything additional needed to use the machine-learning part?