In Reg Type of "Automatic"

  • 9 June 2022
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Every once in a while, we see a random/erroneous “clock in” on an employees interval tab in the Time Card Day with an In Reg Type of “Automatic”. Typically, when the employee clocks in or out, the In Reg Type is “Terminal”, and shows up on the Clocking tab as well. Where is this Automatic punch coming from; how/why? 

3 replies

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We have been seeing this same issue.  If anyone understands the cause, we would appreciate some input.

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has anyone found a response to this? we’re seeing the same issue and we turned on history tracking but we did it for time registration and it didn’t capture anything during these times. 


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Hi, we have been seeing the same thing but in a structured way: for some employees an interval registration is created, for some others (perfectly the same setup) we don’t see it.

Doe anyone has an update on this? We have been playing with the “Shop Floor Reporting Settings” on site level but this didn’t chnage anything and it seems not to be the same for all employees.