Error message during deleting a User

  • 28 September 2022
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Hi Team,

We are facing a issue while trying to delete a new user created in IFS 9 Apps.

Getting the below error message while trying the remove the link from Company window for that particular User.


So, Kindly suggest to proceed with it.

Thank you.


5 replies

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Is it really the user you want to delete? The screen shot shows the Person window.

To remove the person you must first remove the employee and that can only be made if you have no historical transactions and if you remove all possible connections in HR on the employee.

If you really want to remove the user on the other hand you should start with disconnecting the user from the person and then you can go to Solution manager and remove the user.




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Hi Maria,

Thanks for your response and feedback.

But while i’m trying to delete a User from Create User window, the system asking me to delete the Person ID associated with User. If again trying to remove the Person ID, getting the error message as to delete from CompanyEMP window.

But in Company window, while trying to remove the Employee the system throws the below error message.


So, Is there any method to do so?




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You should just remove the connection between user and person, not the complete person. Go to overview Persons and query for the user / person.

On the line - remove the user ID in the field for user. now it should be possible to remove the user.




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Hi @ProShiraA 

try to delete the employee from the company with the IFSAPP user. This should work.

Then you can delete the user.

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Hi, is there an option to remove the company employee without the owner user?

I already have the permission but it stucks with the same permission message.