Aurena Time Registration - Mandatory Fields

  • 16 June 2022
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Hi Team,


One of our customers raised below questions through a support case. Please support the customer to find solutions to below 3 questions,


Aurena Report Time – Mandatory Fields

Go to Time Registration window

Click on + below Job Hours

Move Slide under Work Order


Question 1: Can this work order slide set to be on by default, if so how and where? 


Question 2: Can Additional Details – section to set to be expanded (open) automatically, if so how?


Question 3: How to make Time Type, Report Comment and Hours – Mandatory – I have been able to make other fields mandatory, but I am unable to locate this page to change the fields.



Best Regards,


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Hi @Peshala Gamage 


First we need to find the dialog page name from debug console or you can go the page designer of 'Time Registration' page and in there you can expand the node 'Dialog' and guess the dialog page connected here (It is  'Report Time Dialog'). All the connected dialog pages are shown under page designer of the main page. 

  • Go to page designer of time registration page
  • Go to All PAGES section and expand 'Dialogs' node
  • In there you can find the node 'Report Time Dialog' which is the dialog page popped up when we add job hours 
  • Expand Content node under this Report Time Dialog
  • In there you can see several 'Additional Details' nodes and select the last one.
  • Expand this node and in there we can see a field called Collapsed. select this first and then remove the tick box again will enable this tab Additional Details as you requested.  
  • To set fields Time Type, Report Comment mandatory, just drill down the Additional Details by clicking the blue color name 'Additional Details'
  • It will show all the details of this tab just below the page designer. 
  • Go to their and open the 'Content' node and we can see fields 'Time Type' and 'Report Comment' are visible in there. expand those nodes and we can set the Required field ticked to set these fields mandatory.
  • Same way you can go to 'Time' tab under main Job results node and in there also you can go to the content of 'Time' tab as same as the steps mentioned above and we can see fields Hours in there and it is originally set as Required, so no need to change it (if you clear the job hours in this field in this dialog page, we can see this field change it's color showing that this field is mandatory. 

I tried to expand the Work order node at the time we navigate from time registration page to this report time dialog page, but seems it's enabled based on the WO/project basic data setup and seems it can't be done since we can only change client meta data using page configuration. 


Thank You and Best Regards,