VPN Tunnel from Self Hosted BI to IFS Managed Cloud

  • 15 May 2024
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Hello Everyone,


I have created the necessary resources in a VNet in Azure for the Self Hosted BI infrastructure, and was wondering what details do we need to provide to IFS to setup the VPN tunnel between the Self Hosted BI Infrastructure and IFS Managed Cloud. Any thoughts or guidance?

I also have another issue where I had used the whole default subnet for the resources, and therefore cannot create another subnet in the same range for the Gateway.

Default Address Space:
Default Subnet:

Therefore I added another Address Space ( and created the GatewaySubnet in that ( Both of the above address spaces and subnets exists within one Virtual Network, Do I have to configure any routing?

Thanks in Advance,
Devin Amarasekara

1 reply

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I was able to adjust the Default Address Space to, and now have - Where the Self Hosted BI Infrastructure exists - for the Gateway

Still unclear on how I can use these details to fill the form for VPN Connection.