Report not printed correct on Toshiba barcode printer

  • 14 October 2021
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I have created a report for a label (75mm x 205mm). As a PDF preview it is displayed correctly, but when I print it directly from Applications 9 to a Toshiba barcode printer, only a section of the label is printed rotated by 90°. Various settings in the Report Designer have not brought any success.
A printout from the PDF viewer on the Toshiba barcode printer is correct. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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3 replies

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Extracting the following response from @ChanakaAmarasekara which seems to apply to this issue as well. 

  • If this is direct print or preview and print check the settings of the printer. Note the following is an example and the actual path will change from printer to printer and drivers.
    1. General Tab > Preferences… > Layout tab >Orientation
    2. Advanced Tab > Printing Defaults… > Layout Tab >Orientation
    3. Device Settings > Orientation
  • Have a look at the link and see if you can override the settings when direct printing (setPageSize, rotateAndCenter, rotate etc.)
  •  In addition test with the .net Print Agent and see if the issue is the same.




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Kasun, thanks for the quick reply, I will test it in the next few days.

Greetings Peter

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I have tested with the following parameters (I tried it with true and false values), in the printer driver I have set portrait and landscape, the result is always the same. Only a section of the label is printed rotated by 90°.

       <property name="ShrinkToFit" value="true"/> 
       <property name="rotateAndCenter" value="true"/>

Does anyone else have an idea what this could be?