Missing Alternate key in 21R1

  • 4 July 2022
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When Creating Custom logical units in APP10 we are able to define Alternate keys using the following check box.


But this option is not available in 21R1 when creating Custom entities using Entity configuration. is there another option available to add alternate keys in 21R1 ?


7 replies

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Hi @IniDilloP,

In IFS Cloud, there isn't yet an alternative for this feature.

This requirement is known to the IFS product development team, and it is considered for implementation in IFS Cloud.  However, it has not yet been decided which release this will be included.

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Hi @Sandun Madola ,


I want to use excel migration to import data into a Custom Entity.

This is still possible without having an alternate key defined in  Custom Entity ?

Rowkey is not possible to use to check if record has already been inserted.


We also have a customer upgrading to cloud, how to upgrade to custom entity without alternate key ?

From this p.o.v. it is a bug and should be fixed by IFS.

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Hi @Thomas Langenberg ,

This is a functionality that had never been implemented in IFS Cloud.
IFS has now included this to be delivered with IFS Cloud 23R2.

Internal reference: DXEXT-1894

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Alternate Key is  implemented at Cloud except at the page design!

You can easily fix this yourself by going to the page “Custom attributes”, open the page designer and add the column AlternateKey, save and publish.

Now you can turn the alternate key flag on, Synchronize Entity Configuration and alternate key is created.



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Above solutions only works for R22.1, at R21.2 alternate key column is there, but you will run into error trying to edit it.

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Hi @Navinth Bakmeedeniya ,
Could you please look into this?


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We have a backlog item for this which will be implemented in a future feature update.