Login Events screen not logging

  • 27 July 2022
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IFS Cloud 21R2 version has a Login Events screen, that logs when users logs in to system. This screen is logging data in all environments except one of customer’s use place environments. Is there something that needs to be turned on for this screen to log information?


3 replies

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Hi @Malin Norgren,

I’ve seen a similar thing happen in one of my internal test environments (remote) and the reason for that was the fact that iam-event-listerner was not setup as a listerner in the keycloak event settings. This along with selecting the event types should be done automatically but for some reason in this environment that didn’t happen when it was upgraded to 21r2. I had to manually do this to get it working.

Have you tried doing a full restart of the IAM pods to see whether that works? If not, you will probably need to access the KeyCloak admin page to see what’s going on.


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Sajith, thank you for the answer. How do i get into KeyCloak admin page?



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@Malin Norgren How did you managed to do it manually?