Is there a log in the MWS for any calls made to Biz API services ?

  • 25 November 2022
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Is there some sort of log that can be enabled in the IFS App 10 MWS that we can look for any calls made to Biz API services ? Not for errors, just to check if a call was made to one of the services directly. The calls are made to the service and we do not use any of the readers.

The problem is the customer says they see duplicate connectivity in box messages randomly for some of the calls (the Biz APIs create a connectivity in messages). We are unable to replicate the issue in our environment and these Biz APIs have been running for a  long time in App 8 and has been upgraded to 10 now. The calls to the services are made from an external application the customer has developed. We tried replicating using Soap UI.


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Hi @Rohan Ariyratne,

You can usually find these logs in following directory in the Application Server:


Please refer to the Logging and Debugging IFS Connect documentation, which can be found here:

This documentation mentions where you can find the log files and how you can increase the logging level so that you can see more information when troubleshooting issues. 

Hope this helps!