Is it possible with different page layout when opening from a lobby?

  • 11 June 2024
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Hi. Is it possible to open a page in a different layout from a specific source in Cloud? (Currently 23R1, but 24R1 in August)
In our case we have created a lobby for filtering serials in stock based on attributes, and a link to open "inventory part in stock" based on filter in lobby.

When opening “inventory part in stock” from the lobby we want a different page layout with focus on custom fields, not layout in context. When opening inventory part in stock from navigator/other lobbies we want the standard layout from our context

1 reply

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I have not tried this but I am wondering if the following could work.

  • Create a new projection configuration, say CustomStockData, in this projection you add the InventoryPartInStock entity.
  • Create a new custom page, say StockData, using the CustomStockData projection. Build the page with the various custom fields using Page Designer.
  • In the Lobby Element, you will navigate to the new custom page via the path page/StockData/StockDataPage, with the appropriate query parameters.