IFS Middleware Server problems

  • 5 December 2021
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We have had huge stability problems with our IFS production environment this week. It seems to be related to the middleware server. We are on IFS10 upd11. We upgraded from upd7 two weeks ago. First week it was stable, but this last week has been bad.

All targets seems to be running, but IFS cannot be accessed. If we try to restart the targets we get this error:

A new START again gets it all started, but then it falls down again after a while.

We are a little bit lost now. Could anyone point us in a direction where to search for the error?



Best answer by Ragaventhan Sathananda 5 December 2021, 13:23

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5 replies

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Please kill all the session related to IFS running in the VM and start one by one. First you may start the node managers then Admin Servers next Managed Servers and Finally the Http Servers. There should be some ifs related processes are holding down and need to kill them in order to start the services properly.

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Hi @Ragaventhan Sathananda 

Thanks, I first stopped all and then started them in the order you recommend. We get it started, but everything is very very slow. Are there any logs we should check for errors?

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Looks like you have issues with IntServer. check the log files from below locations


This could be related to low memory configurations of the IntSrver if you’re doing lot of printing/ integrations etc.



J2EE logs if you’re chasing any special sort of issues related to integrations/ printing


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That’s a different problem you do not mix it up with the servers not getting started in the initial stage. System performance issue can be due to various reasons,

  1. Memory and CPU utilization of the VM the application is hosted.
  2. Insufficient memory in the Int and Main servers
  3. If the system is running some long running jobs in the background
  4. Due to some database level issues.

So that needs to be analyzed with the INT and Main server logs and Utilization of the VM memory and CPU. Also you may can get a good idea from the IFS Admin console as well. I hope I gave a clear answer for your initial problem if my answer satisfy you please mark it as best answer as it may helpful for others who get the same error in future.

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Thanks! I got them to start with target ALL also, didn’t need to start them one-by-one.

The problem seems to be hardware related. We’ll been in contact with our IT hosting partner and they have moved the server to a more stable cluster. The slowness in the system also seems to be related to issues with the VM. 


Thanks for the help.