How to find all Rest api in IFS

  • 3 October 2022
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I need to develop new open source project and need to view my IFS db data through this custom web application. So i decided to use REST api for that. I need to see all the apis using postman. How I do it.

2 replies

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I am not sure about Postman, but here are some links that might be helpful:

And one more link from this forum (search for “postman api”):


Good luck!

Joe Kaufman

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Hi @jeew96,

From API Explorer screen in Aurena, you can download the spec for each projection as shown below.


You can save the spec as a JSON file and then import it into Postman using the Import button on top left. Once imported, you would see the available resource endpoints for that projection as a collection. 


However, you cannot import all the available projections at once. You have to import them one by one according to your requirement. 

Hope this helps!