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  • 15 May 2024
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Dear All,

I have created a custom tab in IFS. How can we automatically filter it when the representative in the title is selected and if the salesman code on this list screen is the same.




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Hi @sevo, solution would be to:

  • use search functionality (Search in Context) with object relations - in your case would be sales person equal to  representative ID (search variable pointing to parent object through use of i_hWndParent)
  • save your search
  • and then in RMB Properties set Startup Query to your saved search

I’m not sure how it would work for your custom tab, however you can test it yourself based on Sales Quotation tab and comparing Representative ID from header to Coordinator on line

SQL search expression in Advanced search: upper( AUTHORIZE_CODE ) = :i_hWndParent.frmBusinessRepresentative.dfsRepresentativeId 


Hope it helps :)

Best regards,