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  • 10 September 2020
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Hello, I’m trying to update the project manager for a project that currently has IFSAPP listed as the PM. I believe they have all the necessary access, but when you try to update the PM, you receive the following error:

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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7 replies

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looks like you have project access turned on?

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This was resolved. We were attempting to change from the wrong location. Our consulting partner suggested using the Change Project Manager. This worked without any issue.

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We are having this same issue.  Where were you able to use the function Change Project Manager?  We don’t see that option.  We are using Apps 9.

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@kleasure Yes, that was the only way we have been able to change PMs on a Project. The access is under Project Management → Plan and Execute → Change Project Manager

I’m not sure if it is available in Apps 9. We launched on Apps 10.

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Thanks.  It doesn’t look like that is available in Apps 9.  We were able to log in as the former Project Manager and make the change in Project Navigator as that person.

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This functionality is only available from Apps 10.

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Hi Johnson,

Glad to hear that your issue is resolved. Thought to add additional details with the business requirement of the New access control dialog is implemented to “Change Project Manager” in IEE which will be accessible through the navigator. This was introduced during the IFSAPP10 UPD 7 onwards.

Change project manager is possible only to the IFSAPP user earlier. But it is not recommended to use IFSAPP user for such operational matters. IFSADMIN user also cannot change the PM so, system managers not possible to do so.

When a co-worker has left the company or is on sick leave, it requires to change the project manager accordingly. The new feature will help to select multiple projects at once and update the project manager to another.

Thanks & Best Regards,