Add a Lobby as a base profile?

  • 15 November 2019
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I tried to set a newly created Lobby as a homepage for a base profile.  I thought i got it to work, however when the end users log in, they get the following error message.  I think it is because the Lobby is set to my personal data rather than generic for all.  The steps i took to do this:

  1. Go to Options and chose the User Profile. Then clicked edit base profile and chose our Quality base profile. 
  2. Then with that base profile active in my screen, i searched for the Quality Lobby and opened the page. 
  3. Clicked on Options>General and clicked Use current to make that Lobby the home page

What am i doing wrong/missing?




Best answer by Rusiru Dharmadasa 15 November 2019, 19:38

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Have you checked the permissions set of your lobby to be available for end user or a specific permissions set ? 

And do you know if you have created a new page as the Client type = “aurena” instead “Entreprise Explorer” ?

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Yes sorry, we actually are in the middle of upgrading to IFS10 and this is in our test environment where all end users have “all access” right now so they can complete their testing so i don’t think permission set is the issue.  Also, this lobby was created in IEE and says the client type is all so both Aurena and IEE.  We are only aiming for IEE at the moment, but do want it for both client types. 

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For me as well, this looks like a permission problem.


The profiles should have properly set the home page for lobby but it cannot find such page. If this is the same environment where you created the lobby, the page should be available anywhere. So most probably your end user doesn't have this lobby page granted.


When you create new lobby page that will only granted to one special permission set - which is defined in system parameters (it should be something like permission set to be granted when creating a lobby page). Check whether your user has this granted.