New to our Community?

  • 2 July 2019
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New to our Community?
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Hi and welcome to our Help Center! :)

Here are five tips to help you get started:

1. Complete your profile

Everybody likes to know who they are speaking with. By completing your profile, you let other users know more about you and your experience, so they’re better able to answer your questions.

In order to complete your profile information, select "My Profile" from the avatar menu There you can add:

  • A profile picture (you can add a picture of you or what you like)
  • A signature (a sentence which will be displayed at the bottom of all of your posts)
  • The country and the city where you work
  • (Enter other items which you defined to be a profile field)

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions

Sometimes forums can be a bit intimidating and new users may be afraid to start a discussion or post a new question Don’t be! The community is here to help you - and more than likely, someone else has the same question you do. Should a reply to you (or one in an already existing discussion) be too technical or complicated, don't hesitate to ask about it. This is the only way other users will know that you need help!

3. Search before you start a new topic

It’ss likely that the question you have has been asked before. Therefore, we recommend that you search the community before you posta new question or discussion. You can find the search bar at the top of every page. If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, then create a new topic.

4. Include the details

In order for other users to answer your question, they’ll need as much detail as possible. Be sure to include the product or the service you are using. , If you’re in the middle of a process, list which step you are stuck on and any troubleshooting efforts you have made. You can even add images and videos to your question, using the post editor.

Note: The community is public, so do not include any private information (phone number, email address, etc.)

5. Be patient & don't spam

Sometimes it may take a while until the right user reads your question and offers a solution. Please do not post the same question in several categories, especially if the category is not related to your specific question. As it violates our community guidelines (link), duplicate posts will be removed and recurring violators may have posting rights revoked.

6. Be sure to read our community guidelines

In case you want to learn more about the features of our community, please have a look in our “how to use the community” subforum. Should you have additional questions, please let us know in a new topic. If you’re unable to login (and therefore can’t create a new topic), email community (at) ifs (dot) com for help!


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