How advanced is the IFS Community Search?

  • 18 March 2022
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For an example, I need to search all the posts which has the wording ‘ERROR_359’ in IFS Community? This would help me to see situations which has happened around this particular error and see how the community has solved that issue? Today, when I search, I get so many unwanted results and the result count is 1000s. 

Also, if some tags can be made mandatory like the track etc, at post creation it would be possible to filter the results effectively. (at least in the relevant forums)



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4 replies

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Hi Vimukthi - I did a search for “error 359” (in quotation marks) and only came up with 4 results. Insided uses a Boolean search, so you can use AND OR to narrow down results; same with quotation marks.

We can’t hard code tags, unfortunately, but I don’t think it would help because tags aren’t prioritized in the search results. They are just something you can use to further narrow the results. 

I’m happy to have a call with you to go over possible improvements, so I can take that back to Insided (the platform).

I got this from Insided’s community, for how the sort: 

We now base our search results on the following rules (in order of importance):

  • Exact match on title
  • Exact match on first post
  • Exact match on all posts
  • Match with word-distance on title (means that the keywords don’t have to follow each other in the same order)
  • Match with word-distance on first post
  • Match with word-distance on all posts
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Hi @KristenGastaldo,

Thank you for the response.

‘ERROR359’ I wrote above is fictive of course, I just typed it for the cause of my post.

However, I understand the limitation of the platform. And thanks for letting us know about the possibility of strings and AND/ OR. Maybe a potential solution is the usage of more syntax as it is with Google search for an example. 

I really, wanted to take time to post this because, with the use Cloud products, especially for us (employees), Community plays an integral role in accessing information. Thanks again.

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Agreed! With more and more content being added every day (forums, knowledge base articles, ideas, etc.), there’s so many helpful posts here. But if you can’t find them then that defeats the purpose. 

I’ll talk to Insided about a bit more clarification. And I’ll grab some time with you to discuss what you’re looking for and maybe we can set up some established tagging for the cloud products (at least for employees to use consistently) , so that it’s easier to narrow those down. 

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Agreed! @Vimukthi Mahakumbura . This is something I noticed for a long time too hence I had added an Idea for tag search/add and modify tags within search and date-wise search with ascending/descending order but the Idea got closed with no response!