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Swiss QR Code

  • 23 June 2022
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I am trying to create a Swiss QR Code in IFS9, to do this I will use the standard one added in IFS10. 

However the one I can create in IFS10 looks a lot different then the examples you can generate online. 

Does anyone have experience with using the IFS QR Code - getting it to scan correctly?


In the picture, the top one is from IFS.



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Hi @Curann,

I am afraid to say this, but this is a bug. And IFS knows it. We (Partner) opened a ticket for our customer (they are on IFS Cloud) and soon they will deliver the solution via Services Update. They are still in progress with the solution….

For IFS APPS 9 and APPS 10 I am not sure whether they already have a patches for fixing this issue. I would go via LCS or SNOW and open a ticket with high urgency and importance. As you might already encountered: as of end of September only the QR Code invoice will work, the old payment slips will by then no longer be valid.


If you have further questions on this matter, don’t hesitate to ask:)





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Hi @Curann,

If you are referring to the missing cross sign in the Swiss QR code generated in Swiss pay slips, this has been already implemented through IFS solution 297339 and this cross sign should be there in this QR code to generate the pay slip correctly.

This has been reported from one of IFS customers and I have involved with technical investigation of this issue and now IFS RnD have completed this solution and you can create a case to IFS Global support to apply this solution since this cross sign in QR code will be a mandatory requirement to generate Swiss pay slips.


Thank You and Best Regards,