Setup in IFS to generate Positive pay File

  • 1 September 2022
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I am looking for making a Setup in IFS to generate Positive pay File - auto generated to some File folder which will have supplier payments Information for ACH & check both. We want to send this file to bank.

Can I please get some help to get this setup done for positive pay file?

2 replies

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Be sure the pay format is correct and that pay advice creation is checked

I would suggest duplicating the system ‘CHECK’ and ‘ACH’ IFS formats for editing purposes.

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I believe you’ll need to set IFS to produce the positive pay file in Payment Documents by checking the Create Positive Pay File box and picking the File Template. - we only do for checks cut, so i don’t know about ACH, but this will get you started:


I started with the standard external file template and copied/modified the details to produce the data in the format required by the bank.

You define the file name and folder to output to in the template.

This is in Apps 10 of course, but must be similar in Aurena?