Pillar Two Tax

  • 11 January 2023
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Dear all,

based on OECD timeline, new international tax system called Pillar 2 should be applied in 2023. This should affect multinational groups with consolidated revenue over €750m.
I just wanted to double check here, whether IFS is giving any attention to this and if we can expect any support in IFS application for this?
Thanks Jan​

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This directive has been processed unusually fast and is still under review in many of the jurisdictions affected by this.
To implement Pillar 2, each country will enact the rules into its local legislation. Although the OECD remains committed to setting an ambitious timeline (with the intention for the initial stage of implementation in 2023) there is not a global consensus on an appropriate timeline. 
There is information available from different sources OECD of course but also from the big audit firms but there seems to still be details to be communicated for example the format of the reporting etc. 
We are observing and following the development of how this will be handled in the different countries where IFS global customers have operations.

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is there an upadte on this ?