Copy customer information to create new supplier

  • 24 January 2023
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We need to create a number of suppliers that are existing customers. Is there a way do this using some sort of copy function or do we need to create the suppliers from scratch. We are using IFS Aurena




3 replies

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Hi @GT69 

we use IFS APPS10 and there is the only way via mig jobs. I think in Aurena is the same.

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You speak of ‘a number of’ that doesn't sound all too much. I think it is easier to have this done manually. However it also depends on how the supplier and customer are linked, if something changes on the customer side, should it automatically change on the supplier? Is the connection between the two prepared in the Supplier > Purchase > General tab that contains the customer number? Maybe an event can update changes between the two (working instructions should help to guide the employee that customer should not be changed but the supplier information)

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Thanks @eqbstal . You are correct there are only about 20-30 that need to be created