Mobile sync - Batch Delta

  • 4 October 2022
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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Hi All,


I’m struggeling with some sync rules. I have a custom view, with a custom metadata table, and a sync rule. When I set the sync rule to Batch-all, it works fine.

But when I put it on Batch-Delta, it only sends a Transaction Type ‘UPDATE’. New records aren’t then pushed to mobile. I tried with Real Time, but then nothing is pushed at all.


Any toughts?

2 replies

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Hi @Marcin Drozdowski 


Xml is fine, and all parameters are included. I also have an extraxt rule. Is an Batch-Delta sync rule only for updating existing records, and not capabele of sending a DELETE transaction?  



did you check content of XML of the initial query? Are there all parameters included? Did you define any extract restrictions or extensions?