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How to populate dependent dropdown in FSM

  • 9 September 2020
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If requirement is to populate LOV of 2 drop-down attributes on dependency basis , How to do that ?

Say , if I select A from the LOV of first dropdown, I'll get 1-10 as LOV for 2nd dropdown , where as if I select B from the LOV of first dropdown , I'll get 11-20 as LOV for 2 nd dropdown. So, Could you please tell me how to achieve that ?


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4 replies

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Unfortunately I cannot answer that. I’m fully on Smart Clients and not ventured towards the web client yet. Interesting that one would be fine and another not. Hopefully one of the FSM Support / Consultants can over you advice on that one then.



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You first of all need to have two columns set-up independently on the metadata for the Global Codes.

They are then linked by using the GLOBAL_CODE_HIERARCHY_VALUE table, they can be uploaded.
However the standard global code screen will allow you to get started.

Locate your LOV's for the second drop down, and against each value allocate the A or B value in the Parent Values.

When you refresh cache and reload the screen you have set these up on, you should get something looking like the below 

Each of our ‘Complaint Category’ has been allocated to another code. Therefore making sure the correct combinations are selected.

I hope that helps.


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Hi @Asterix,

The Web client is having functionality added over releases to eventually to match all non-studio functionality that the Smart client can do but this is not yet complete so some functionality will not yet be possible or available in the Smart client.

As this is not Studio level of functionality it would be best to raise a case to have this investigated to ensure that it will be added in a later version of the Web client.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck

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Thanks for your response.  I agree it would work. But only for Smart Client instance.  Not for Webclient.

In Webclient, this feature is not supported, seems to be. Could you please confirm?