Errors when running FSM 5.6.3 application on iOS 14 device

  • 20 October 2020
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Hi all,

I am able to run FSM 5.6.3 iOS application in iOS 13 or lower, but not in iOS 14.

It keeps crashing when I tap on the person id or service URL text field on the login screen.

When I try to run the app on a device that is running iOS 14, I get the following error message in Xcode:


Do you have any idea what might be causing this issue? I am using the same code in FSM 5.7 and the login screen is working fine in iOS 14 for FSM 5.7 iOS app.

Also, what is the purpose of the Allow Active Architectures property in the Build Settings? Why is this set to No in FSM 5.7 and set to Yes in FSM 6? Should it be Yes or No for FSM 5.6.3? Is this based on the frameworks that are used in the project (Aviary, Telerik, etc)?


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3 replies

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iOS 14 is supported for FSMi as of FSM6U7

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Hi , 

FSM(Any version) Mobile app  is not  working on the ios 14 . Still IFS R&D is working  on it to provide the solution.


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Hi @sybaus,

Please have a search of the Community prior to posting as often the answers to issue will already be recorded as a post or article.

The iOS14 issues are well documented as there was a Recent Known Error post:

This was also followed up with other updates and posts where information came to light. A search of iOS14 should bring these all up for you to review.

Kind regards,

Lee Pinchbeck