ARP Broadcast to Apps

  • 16 November 2021
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Hi All, 


I am doing some configuration with a PSO instance that is Integrated with IFS Apps 10.  I have configured the ARP to broadcast to Apps and that seems to be working.  When I apply changes to a ROTA I see the message posted message to IFS with the changes, but it doesn’t seem that APPS is doing anything with this ARP data.  I have changed locations and start and end locations for a particular shift for a resource in my ROTA, and I see the XML in APPS but I see no changes in APPS or in PSO.  Am I missing anything here? Limitation of the PSO and APPS integration?


***Note, the resources that are in ARP exist both in APPS and manually created in ARP (with matching ID’s).


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Hi @ctaylor56 there is no integration between IFS Cloud and the ARP. That is something that we have as an initiative in the roadmap, so something that will happen beyond 22R1.

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@Björn Kleist can you help here?