Any advice? How could I automate a process to export a document to a shared drive?

  • 14 September 2021
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I wonder if somebody has done automation where a process needs to export a document to a shared drive?

Any idea how to do this? Is there a tool in IFS to do the export?




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We have a Windows environment, and we have IFS Connect file senders pointing to network shares.


The IFS Connect file sender uses Java or UNIX style slashes, where they go forward instead of backward, even on a Windows extended server.



By default, the IFS middleware runs as the Windows SYSTEM account. That means if your server is SOMESERVER, you need to grant access to the SOMESERVER$ Computer principal in order for IFS to have access to write to the network share. (Don't forget to grant both the share and the folder.)


I also learned that the IFS Connect file sender will want to write a temp folder one level higher, so your grants will need to extend one folder upward to make that work.



EDIT: I apologize; I didn't see this was in the DocMan group when I posted my response.