WADACO issue

  • 29 November 2021
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Hi Community,

We are using IGS apps 8.

While picking the part no of customer order from WA DA CO process, we are getting one error .

That Asset id scanned belongs to different part no.


After checking found that if the same serial no was connected with the different part no previously and if we are renaming this serial no with new serial no.

and if this old serial history record is present for that serial no(Assest id) which we are picking through WADACO then this error is coming.

we are deleting the serial no and serial history for old part which we are not picking from backend and then trying t pick it.

its working fine.



I want to know why it is happening .If there are two types(Commodity) of parts then there is a chance that serial no of one commodity can  come or repeat as a serial no of other commodity.


but system is not allowing it.

DO we have any solution  for this.




2 replies

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Hi @Deepak ,


What you are describing would seem to be a serious issue for anyone using WaDaCo and serialized parts I would recommend you open a case with IFS so they can look into the issue and they’ll be able to respond if the issue was resolved in a patch.



William Klotz