'This customers own address id already exists on another address for this customer or another customer' error

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi all,


I am in the process of transitioning a customers orders and invoices to EDI.


I am trying to populate the customers ‘Customers Own Address ID” field. The customer has 10 sites and have provided their ‘location codes’ that we need to use in the EDI submissions when we invoice them. Their sites are simply numbered 1-10.

Most of the sites allow me to add the appropriate site number in but a couple of them (1 and 5) give the following error when I try to save the record:


This customers own address id already exists on another address for this customer or another customer


I have checked through each site for the customer and none of the other sites have the Customers Own Address ID set to 1 or 5 (they all have their own numbers of course) so looking at the error, I am reading it as if ANY other customer has this field set to 1 or 5 then I cannot use these values. Surely this can’t be right? Is it really saying that the value in this field must be unique throughout all our customers despite it being the ‘customers own’ address ID? 


Any ideas or direction on this would be much appreciated.






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Hi @mjwilde, please note that Own Address ID is used in inter site trade too. In an inter-site set up, Customer's Own Address ID for internal customer's address on the Customer/Address tab should be identical to the site addresses’ company's own address ID (entered in Company/Address tab). It’s used to classify if an address in inter-site trade is single occurrence or not. This field some time referred to as EAN number is important to identify the participants in the inter-site trade and in EDI communication.


Therefore, according to my knowledge, you can’t have identical values for two customers in this field. Thanks. 

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Many thanks for replying to my post. 


As I said we use this field for our EDI submissions - the location number provided by a customer for a specific customer location that we may deliver to.


We have a number of customers using EDI and they all have their own site naming/numbering conventions. As we increase this number it is inevitable that the same values will be used by more than one customer, which is what is happening here I assume. I have checked all the EDI customers and cannot find any locations with the value 1 or 5 in this field, nor is it present as a location code in the ‘company’ screen so I guess someone has entered these values for some other random customers which I will have to go and look for. This seems very limiting!   

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Hi @mjwilde ,


in APP10 you can remove the validation of duplication of Customer's Own Address ID as follows:


In Application Base Setup >System Setup > System Definitions window > Object Property tab, a new Property name is introduced "UNIQUE_OWN_ADDR" for the Object Lu "Party Type". If the Property value is FALSE,  then the Own Address ID will not be validated upon duplicating. If the value is "TRUE", then the validation will be triggered.




William Klotz

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Hi William,


Many thanks for that. I did actually find the companies where these values had been set (incorrectly) to the values I was trying to set my new EDI customer’s locations to but as I said above I think it is inevitable that this will come back as we onboard more customers to EDI and your solution above will be very welcome at that point.

I think what is a shame here is that the duplicate checking will be removed completely. It would have actually been very useful to check for duplicates from the perspective of a single customer, especially if they have many locations as some of our larger customers have.


Kind regards,


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Hi Matt,

As said before, this field is used for EAN location codes, commonly used in EDI trade. And these EAN codes are, by definition, unique. I  guess this was the original purpose of this field (in fact, xml tags are named as ‘EAN_LOCATION_DEL_ADDR’, etc. 

Now, if you are using each customer’s own definition, then you will need to deactivate this validation as referred by William.



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Hi Pilar,


We have to use what our customers give us unfortunately. A couple use EAN but most don’t. As I said I have resolved the situation for now (removed the erroneous entries of the required values from other customers) but I’m sure we will get duplicates going forward so I will deactivate the validation then. 


Thanks all for your input - it’s much appreciated.