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Scan-It Camera Sensitivity


Scan-It cameras sensitivity (iPad) is too sensitive. Looking for a means to adjust it. No machine setting is offering a solution. So, I’m wondering if the App itself has any controls. As of now, it grabs any barcode that comes into frame. 

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Maybe you should add tags like Mobile Framework or Aurena Native to this question so it gets picked up by relevant persons in that area.

I don’t think the app itself have any settings for the camera and I’m not sure the mobile/native framework have either, so this might be using the regular camera functionality provided in the iOS or maybe it is using the scandit third party functionality if that have been installed. 

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There’s currently no way to set the camera sensitivity by the user. The barcode scanning feature is provided by a third-party solution which can either be ZXing (default) or Scandit (needs license). For iPhone and iPad, the mobile framework uses a mode optimized for speed and no initial delay.