Requesting access to “Customer Order” Tab from “Object Properties” for a user with specific permission set

  • 4 October 2022
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Customer Order should be displayed with "Actions After Save" when you go to "Object Properties" (Log in to Customer Order screen -> RMB on the header and Go to "Object Properties"), as depicted in the screenshot in the attached. However, the "Customer Order" tab is not visible as expected when we log in to the "Object Properties" with a user's implemented permission set. Is there a way to figure out what permission is needed to change this behavior?




Best answer by Tharindu Sooriyaarachchi 4 October 2022, 20:48

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Hi @Pavani,


You can give permission to specific object as below.

  1. Navigate to "New Permission Set" window (Solution Manager\Security\Permission Sets\New Permission Set).
  2. Search or create a new Permission Set which is granted to the users who want to enable 'customer order' tab in Object Properties.
  3. Switch to "Presentation Objects by Component" tab.
  4. Enter 'dlgPSCustomerOrderHeader' for the 'Find Presentation Objects' text field.
  5. Click on the Find button
  6. Click on the 'ORDER PS Customer Order Header (dlgPSCustomerOrderHeader)' result to locate the entry in the navigator.
  7. RMB on 'P S Customer Order Header' on the navigator and click Grant.
  8. Refresh Security Cache
  9. Restart the application and sign in.
  10. You will be able to see 'customer order' tab in object properties.



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Hi Tharindu,


Thanks for the reply. Customer was able to figure out what permission is needed to change this behavior through this answer.


Thanks, and regards,