Apps9 VMI export paperwork

  • 26 September 2022
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Hello we have a customer is Mexico that would like ourselves to do VMI with them (we are UK based). Does anyone do this within Apps9? If yes how do they do it? We have looked at Consignment Stock but not sure that this would help in controlling the warehouse charges we will incur for stock in Mexico and clearly seeing transit stock also.

Thanks in advance for any insights, Sarah

2 replies

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Hi @asdalk , in Apps9 the VMI on stock record is for our suppliers to manage it, I’m after a solution in Apps9 where we manage our customers inventory and as the stock will be shipped to a third party warehouse in their country I also need a solution to raise the export paperwork.

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Hi Sarah,

We do have a VMI solution along with B2B functionality. You need to set the inventory part as VMI ( there is a check box in the Inventory Part/Misc part Info Tab. After defining VMI parts, you need to log in to the B2B portal ( usually a user in the supplier end can log into the B2B portal ), so that the supplier can see the VMI enabled inventory parts in the portal. 

Supplier can create purchase orders on its own in order to supply VMI parts. 

From APP10 onwards this functionality had been re-implemented in aurena with little bit more comprehensive details. 

Hope this helps.