Regarding Incoming Purchase Price Catalog - when using price lists

  • 1 April 2021
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Hi All,

Im in Apps10 (UPD5) and im trying to understand the functionality on ‘Incoming Purchase Price Catalog - when using price lists’. 


site 1, site 2, site 3 > all belong to company 1.

supplier > supplier 1

part no > part 1

Supplier for purchase part records for part 1 &  supplier 1 is available on site 1 & 3.

sales price list > belongs to company 1. valid for site 2.


Now, when i update the prices from the sales price list, it updates the price lists of supplier for purchase part records belonging to site 1 & 3 both. 


So my questions are;

1.When there is a supplier for purchase part record for multiple sites (but sites belongs to the same company), when updating the prices from the price lists, is it supposed to update the price lists of the given supplier for purchase part, for a given supplier, in all the sites (if the company is the same)? If not, what am i missing here?

 2.If it is the functionality, is there any way to restrict this for a specific site?


Thanks in advance.




2 replies

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Hi Arunalu ,

Could you please elaborate on the steps you followed when you say ‘updating the prices from the price lists’. Have you done this true the ‘Update Sales Price Lists from Base Prices’  job window ?

Many Thanks,


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Hi Lumini,

No. In the sales price list, i RMB on the header and click on ‘Send Sales Price List’ option. The message setup is already in place and as a result i receive the message in ‘Incoming Purchase Price Catalog’ window. In here, i simply ‘Approve’ the message and the ‘Price List’ tab of the respective Supplier for Purchase Part records are updated accordingly.