Migration of Closed Purchase Orders

  • 5 November 2020
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Hi all,


I received the below question from one of our APPS8 customers. They want to migrate closed PO's from their old ERP system into APPS8 (Customer recently aqcuisitioned new business).. My idea was to migrate the PO's with No Parts instead of Part lines, but I'd like to double check with the community!


The question is if there is a way to migrate closed POs and what is the impact to postings. We will only go for a migration of No Part POs.


If we are migrating POs with the status closed is there a posting connected to the status? Is this on kicking of the system functionality of posting a GRNI?


If there is no posting linked to the status in the data migration, how is the matching of the invoice to the PO working? We will post an opening balance in IFS which is the closing balance of the old system. In this one we have the GRNI amount from the closed POs of the old system. So now we need to reduce this balance when we match an invoice to the closed PO which we migrated. How will this posting work automatically if we have no posting from the receipt in IFS?


Thank you kindly for your advice!

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