Is it possible to change the posting messages to be more specific? - Unbalance proposal state

  • 29 May 2020
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We have posting proposals that are unbalance due to missing information. The problem is, the information isn't as specific as the users would prefer.

For instance - we have a posting proposal here, where we have received an invoice but the PO was already fully utilised. Normally that would entail someone logging a change order, but the message is a little generic:

This one does have a PO, but there is no balance left so cannot be receipted.

Can the message be changed? I would more expect this message id to be ‘NOARR’


Arrival is missing on the entered Purchase Order(s) or no Invoicing Advice entered.



1 reply

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Hi Bruce,

The error messages are built into the invoice workflow, so unfortunately, these cannot be easily changed and would require a big modification to do so.

It might be worth your while reaching out to R&D / support and log it as a request for future improvement in the application.