IFS Apps 8 Demand Plan Server - Create Forecast Overwriting Fixed Data

  • 10 November 2020
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We have recently migrated our Demand Plan Server across to a new 2012 server from 2008 and are experiencing issues every Sunday when our scheduled Create Forecast job runs.

When the job runs it is overwriting Forecast Values that should be fixed (having already been adjusted). The affected week rolls on each week on the Sunday but is consistently current week + 2, so at time of posting this in Week 46, the numbers affected fall within Week 48.

This only appears to occur on a Sunday presumably as our periods are defined as weeks, Sunday - Saturday.

Work around in place to rectify the invalid data and case raised with IFS.

Just wondering if anyone else here has had similar issues and could share any knowledge or experience.


IFS Apps 8, Demand Plan Server

1 reply

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This appears to be a bug in our latest set of releases so have reverted to previous release.