Move Partial Receipt after Inspection

  • 23 September 2022
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Hello, We just implemented IFS and we are using the Inspect in QA process. Some receipts are for large quantities and we would like to release partial quantities from the receipt. Currently we are registering the inspection results for partial qty then changing the total inspection qty to zero in order to allow Move into Stock. However this restricts us from inspecting further until the stock is moved. Is there a better solution?

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Hi @mmoss  When assigning an inspection code/specifying quantity to inspect value, you are required to perform the inspection completely prior to moving any quantity into stock.

This is based on the assumption that the received quantity is not authorized for receipt into stock until the inspection has been fully performed. If you for example use an inspection code that requires 25% of the quantity to be inspected, nothing can be moved into stock unless 25% of the quantity is accepted. 

If no Inspection Code/Percentage is specified, but use Quantity to Inspect value instead, Parts can not be moved to a Stock location unless Inspection is done for the Full quantity/Quantity to inspect value is set to Zero.

In fact, the system is doing nothing wrong by not allowing the Move to stock while there is Quantity to Inspect value. This is because, during inspection, we only separate out the Faulty items, not the Good ones. Think about a Serial Tracked Part, and a scenario where you inspect 95 units from 100 serials.  During inspection. Here you identified two faulty items (Lets say Serial Nos 10 & 11) and scrapped them. 

Now you ends up with a Quantity to Inspect 5. In theory, those ‘Yet to be inspected’ items could be any 5 of those remaining 98 Serials. This is because, after initial inspection, all you know is that Serial Nos 10 & 11 are faulty and currently there is no mechanism to sign of good serials during Register inspection results process. So, system would expect user to complete the inspection of remainder, while not allowing Move to stock to take place.

So, the answer to your question ‘Is there a better solution?’ would be No. To allow Move to stock, you either have to Inspect adequate quantity (Governed by Inspection Code/Percentage or Quantity to Inspect value) or manually set the Quantity to Inspect to Zero against the receipt.