demand plan server function is very slow

  • 24 July 2021
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we have install the demand server and client recently (APP9) and willing to use for or business. 

very simple SQL statement has been written as the master flow to check whether its working!

Select contract, part_no, planned_date, planned_qty from IFSAPP.external_invent_part_issue_pub  where contract = 'ABC' and Customer_No ='99999'

when I ran this above SQL it in our environment via SQL developer, it returns with 50 records in 6-7 seconds. 

but when I ran the “Qualify” job via the Server Dashboard, it takes 25,000 s ( almost  7 hours)- Strange! 

I would expect the qualify job will create the IFS forecast parts records with in the  similar time frame like SQL developer query. can not understand why this was taking hours??

really appreciate anyone has any suggestions or thoughts? 



5 replies

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Initially did you try restarting the demand plan server?

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Yes, restarting and load from db jobs also takes very long time, more than 6 hours. 

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Hi @thvilk ,


One more thing to check is, how many records exist for the query, sql developer by default has a limit for the records returned, 5-6 seconds for 50 records does seem a bit slow, which means if the total amount of records is large, it might take time for the qualify job to execute.

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For the master flow query mention in my case; it’s all around 50 records 

This query is for a specific customer in a single site. 
i have purposely done a simple master flow just to check the server functions.  

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Hi @thvilk  , Did you find a solution for this issue? We have another customer with a similar issue in APP9? Please let me know what is the App9 UPD where you experience this issue?

Best Regards,

Sangeetha Jayamaha.