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Component Customer Order - Undo Delivery

  • 22 September 2021
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When using Component Customer order on a External Services (type 6) we have the case whereby we delivered the part from inventory on the  customer order and it moved to invoiced/closed as the line item was 0.00. 


When i attempt to undo the delivery of the Customer Order we receive an error “Cannot undo customer order delivery for component where the item is not charged.”


What is the method to undo the delivery to get the part back into inventory when this happens?


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5 replies

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Did you try the RMA (Return Material Authorization) functionality. You may want to test it out in a non production environment.

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According to a previosuly raised solution, flows such as delivering non charged components to the supplier, which creates a PURSHIP transaction, or exchange components, which creates a EX-SHIP transaction, there are no new business events or functionality to support Undo Delivery.

So you may try out RMA option and see as mentioned above.



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Hi - I tried the RMA, thanks for the suggestions but i got this message;



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Oops! What is the reason that you are trying to undo the delivery? Seems that the whole external order cycle is not completed (i.e. purchase order needs to be receipted after the Customer Order is processed) so the system doesn’t let us do a side step :(. May have to dig in deep and look at the transactions before suggesting a possible solution

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Hi @malik.sally 

The part was shipped out to the customer (supplier) in error. Need to undo the shipment to get the part back into stock with correct s/n and l/b.


I guess we could amend the PO to $0 and change the condition code and effectively return the part back in via the PO receipt process? - doesnt seem right though.