Apps10: Purchase Order Change Order (Enforced) Prom/Plan Delivery Dates

  • 23 July 2021
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Question,  is there a way to include these two dates in the P.O. C.O. process (as part of the enforce rule)?  Testing indicates these two are not included.  Changing (only) the Promised Del. Date using the RMB context menu “Confirm with Differences via Change Order” does not invoke the P.O. C.O. process. 

WHY I ask:  We would like to capture these “Vendor Driven” date changes, holding the P.O. C.O. from Release (that’s a security issue-easy) until production schedules and commitments are considered by the materials planner.


1 reply

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As you mentioned, the POCO is not created automatically if only the Promised Delivery Date is changed. A POCO is only enforced if the value of the PO changes (assuming that ‘Enforce Use of Purchase Order Change Orders’ has been enabled on the Site). 

An alternative way might be to create a Purchase Order Change Order directly, instead of using the ‘Confirm with Differences via Change Order’ option.