Project deliverables to Asset design / Equipment structure

  • 29 June 2022
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What is the business case when should we copy Project Deliverables Structures to Asset Design, when to Equipment structure? Customer in Cloud.

In project deliverables we can copy the project product structure to either Asset Design structure or Equipment structure. This is a parameter setting which one to use. Now I’m wondering when should we choose one or the other? I have understood that from asset design we can copy the structure further to Equipment structure.

Anyone knows about this? 

2 replies


Hi Jari,

The settings for copying the functional structure from IFS/Project Deliverables to either IFS/Asset Design or IFS/Maintenance depend on the role of the organization in the project.

Typically, a prime contractor is responsible for designing the project product and creating the equipment structure for maintenance.

In the Engineer-to-Order scenario, CAD data extraction for Production Deliverables registers Equipment Tags, parts, and pre-assembly definitions in IFS/Design to perform work preparation, procurement, and prefabrications.

The construction and installation of the systems are planned in parallel stream with IFS/Project Deliverables.

Project Deliverables structure for system installations is based on the commissioning strategy and is different from the functional structure that was used during the design phase. The approved functional structure is used for Mechanical Completion (MC), Commissioning, Handover, and Equipment Maintenance.

If the Object Property COPY_TO_MAINTENANCE is set to "NO", this allows copying the functional structure with associated MC and Commissioning packages from IFS/Project Deliverables to IFS/Asset Design to connect the Equipment Tags uploaded from CAD. Equipment Tags connected with Design Objects and linked to Project Deliverable Items are displayed on the Design Object Tab in Project Deliverables Navigator.

Manufacturing subcontractors use the functional structure and MC Packages with Equipment Tags defined by the prime contractor. If the Object Property COPY_TO_MAINTENANCE is set to "YES", the tabs for registering Equipment Tags directly in the Project Deliverables become visible in the user interface and the RMB command to copy the functional structure from IFS/Project Deliverables to IFS/Maintenance is unlocked.


In my case (with Maximo and SAP, not with IFS), I am familiar with this requirement for Nuclear Configuration Management. Nuclear Configuration Management require to keep all documents and diagram. Roughly, there are three nature on the documents and diagrams, which are: 1) Design requirement, 2) Facility Configuration Information, and 3) Physical (including operation) Information.  Configuration Managenet is a key to endure those 3 components are equivalent.