depreciating asset value

  • 10 July 2024
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  • Do Gooder (Customer)
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we had an asset originally created in IFS 8, we added another invoice to the same asset number  in IFS 10 and the asset has stopped depreciating since the second invoice was added.

2 replies

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It sounds as though you need to complete the add investment function - I’d imagine that the second invoice, when connected to an active asset would need the investment function completing.


To do that, go to the the manual supplier invoice / posting proposal and select add investment and complete the investment process.

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We have done that and it does not work. I thing the issue is it is fully depreciated and the depreciation plan ended 31/07/2023. the invoice date was 01/08/2023 but we have just received it.

The object is still an active object and as we are adding investment to it from 08/2023 i would expect it to roll up depreciation. Investment 08/2023 -07/2024 to give new value.